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Mash Tun

The purpose of the mashing process is to extract starch from the malt and convert it into fermentable sugar, which yeast will later convert into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The two enzymes responsible for starch conversion, alpha- and beta-amylase, function optimally at a pH of approximately 5.2 to 5.6. The pH of the mash will determine how much grain starch will turn to maltose and how much will be dextrins. A pH in the lower part of the range, even as low as 5.0, will produce beers of drier taste, less body, and lower malt character. A pH around 5.7 will produce heavier-bodied, sweeter beers. The mash is then filtrated to create a sweet wort (brewing liquid).

Sensors and Conditions

pH Sensors for Mash Tun

Goal of Measurement:
The pH of the mash has a great influence on enzymatic activity. It also affects the ratio between maltose and dextrins and thus determines taste, body and malt character of the beer.

Controlling pH also helps accelerate the process and provides better foam control.

Range: Resolution: Interference: Sensor Type: Armatures:
pH 4 to pH 7 0.05 pH Foam EASYFERM FOOD
Other Conditions: Applications: Benefit of Sensor:
Initial water temperature 75°C, after mixing with malt 65-70°C N/A None

Part Number
EasyFerm Bio Arc 425
EasyFerm Bio Arc 325
Polilyte Plus Arc 425
Polilyte Plus Arc 325
Polilyte Plus Arc 225
Polilyte Plus Arc 120
FlexiFit Bio
FlexiFit VV-0
FlexiFit U Bio
RetractoFit PEEK 25
Polilyte Plus VP 120
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Polilyte Plus 225
Polilyte Plus 325
Polilyte Plus 360
Polilyte Plus 425
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Polilyte Plus HF MS 120
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Polilyte Plus VP 120 (Pt100)
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