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Stable pH reading in low conductivity and ion weak samples are typically difficult to achieve. Hamilton offers 3 types of sensors for these difficult conditions.

Reverse Osmose

Reverse osmosis removes salt from storage water as a precursor for further purification steps, such as distillation.

Sensors and Conditions

Conductivity Sensors for Reverse Osmose

Goal of Measurement:
The measurement monitors the success of the reverse osmosis step.

Range: Resolution: Interference: Sensor Type: Armatures:
0.05 μS/cm to 3 μS/cm 0.1 μS/cm None CONDUCELL 4 USF
Other Conditions: Applications: Benefit of Sensor:
None N/A Wide range of conductivities, high linearity.

Part Number
Conducell 4USF Arc 425
Conducell 4USF Arc 325
Conducell 4USF Arc 225
Conducell 4USF Arc 120
Conducell 4USF-PG 120