Sensors designed to provide stable performance in aggressive samples under high temperature and pressure.

Water Purification Before Reversed Osmosis

The sensor in this stage of process needs to go down to very low conductivity. Also the temperatures are low or room temperature. The difficult part is the conductivity to get a stable measurement. In most cases customer do have hazard area means Sensors must be ATEX – approved.

Sensors and Conditions

Conductivity Sensors for Water Purification Before Reversed Osmosis

Goal of Measurement:
Water needs to be deionized before using to guarantee a stable process environment.

Range: Resolution: Interference: Sensor Type: Armatures:
500 µS/cm – 1.5 mS/cm -- None Conducell 4 US
Conducell 4 USF
Conducell 4 USF ARC
Mostly armatures with flange connection or FlexiFit TC.
Other Conditions: Applications: Benefit of Sensor:
None N/A Very good linearity over 6 decades. Specially for situations with wide variations in conductivity. Sensors are easy to clean.

Part Number
Conducell 4USF Arc 325
Conducell 4USF Arc 225
Conducell 4USF Arc 120
FlexiFit Service Kit
FlexiFit TC150-33
Conducell 4USF-PG 120
Conducell 4USF-VV
Conducell 4USF-BC
Conducell 4US-G125
Conducell 4US-T150-50
Conducell 4US-T150-100
Conducell 4USF Arc 425