Sensors designed to provide stable performance in aggressive samples under high temperature and pressure.

Water Purification After Reversed Osmosis

Quality control of the water cleaning process and function of RO or filtration units.

Sensors and Conditions

Conductivity Sensors for Water Purification After Reversed Osmosis

Goal of Measurement:
Quality control of the reversed Osmosis to check if the conductivity fulfills the requirement of the process water.

Range: Resolution: Interference: Sensor Type: Armatures:
0.1 µS/cm – 1.5 µS/cm -- None Conductivity sensor for very low conductivity values.
Conducell PWSE Arc TC 1.5
FlexiFit TC
FlexiFit Bio
Other Conditions: Applications: Benefit of Sensor:
None N/A N/A

Part Number
Conducell PWSE Arc TC 1.5"
FlexiFit Service Kit
FlexiFit Bio
FlexiFit TC150-33
FlexiFit VV-0
FlexiFit VV-15
Service Kit for Flexifit BIO
FlexiFit U Bio