Sensors designed to provide stable performance in aggressive samples under high temperature and pressure.

pH Control in Waste Water

Analysis and monitoring of the waster water quality especially when the water is getting to be set to specific value like Neutralizing.

Sensors and Conditions

pH Sensors for pH Control in Waste Water

Goal of Measurement:
The pH measurement is a must as some of the process water is to acidic to add to the communal water. If this is the case the water needs first do be neutralized.

Range: Resolution: Interference: Sensor Type: Armatures:
pH 3 to pH 10 -- None POLILYTE PLUS
Other Conditions: Applications: Benefit of Sensor:
None N/A POLILYTE PLUS: Highly reproducible measurements thanks to POLISOLVE PLUS reference which guarantees a good stability over a long period. Thanks to its two Single Pore’s clogging of the diaphragm is nearly impossible.

POLILYTE PRO: Good electrode for measurements in waste water. Thanks to its Single Pore clogging of the diaphragm is nearly impossible.

Part Number
Polilyte Plus Arc 425
Polilyte Plus Arc 325
Polilyte Plus Arc 225
Polilyte Plus Arc 120
Polilyte PRO 120
Polilyte Plus 120
Polilyte Plus 225
Polilyte Plus 325
Polilyte Plus 360
Polilyte Plus 425