Sensors designed to provide stable performance in aggressive samples under high temperature and pressure.

Redox Measurement in Cooling Water

Analysis and monitoring of the cooing water.

Sensors and Conditions

Conductivity Sensors for Redox Measurement in Cooling Water

Goal of Measurement:
The Redox measurement is important in the cooling water cycle it is a detection of leakage in the system.

Range: Resolution: Interference: Sensor Type: Armatures:
There is no defined range for this measurement. The conductivity should not change during the process as the water is only used for cooling. -- None POLILYTE RX FLEXIFIT BIO
Other Conditions: Applications: Benefit of Sensor:
None N/A POLILYTE RX: Good electrode for measurements in water and waste water applications. Thanks to its Single Pore clogging of the diaphragm is nearly impossible

Part Number
FlexiFit Service Kit
FlexiFit Bio
FlexiFit VV-0
FlexiFit VV-15
Service Kit for Flexifit BIO
FlexiFit U Bio
Polilyte RX 120