HAMILTON has delivered quality products to laboratories for more than 50 years, including products such as syringes, laboratory devices, automation platforms and sensors.

The True Power of the HAMILTON ARC Family

In the world of process analytics, HAMILTON is known for sensors (pH, oxygen, redox, and conductivity), and for its first-class choice of process armatures, completed with their selection of process connectors.

HAMILTON ARC revolutionizes the integration of sensors by rethinking communication between sensors, end users and process control systems. The functionality of a traditional transmitter has been replaced by a microprocessor within the sensor. ARC sensors bypass the transmitter and communicate directly to the control system. Sensors are available in all standard pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity formats.

The Bridge Between Process Parameter and Process Control

Three ARC concepts meet customer requirements from established research and pilot labs to new production facilities and installations:

ARC Vital: Eliminate the cost of the transmitter and get more reliable readings
For users in established facilities, ARC sensors can communicate without the use of a transmitter with 4-20 mA devices or digitally with a computer. In this area the advantage of the ARC system is in lab calibration with ARC View Handheld, retained records, and the proven quality and accuracy of HAMILTON sensors. The 4-20 mA signal is more stable and reliable than the low currents or voltages in classical oxygen, conductivity or pH measurement.

ARC Versa: In lab pre-calibrations, sensor management with ARC View Handheld and wireless communication option
Combine cost savings and reliability of ARC Vital with the convenience of ARC View Handheld and ARC Wi. The ARC View Handheld device facilitates in-lab pre-calibration, configuration of the HAMILTON ARC sensors, and sensor management. Wired or wireless communication will make handling and maintenance of the sensors and process control more reliable, simple and efficient.

ARC Vision: Digital signal transmission and wireless monitoring of multiple sensors
For new facilities and installations the ARC sensors are truly revolutionary. In digital mode several ARC sensors can run and be maintained in parallel. Wired or wireless communication will make installation, handling and maintenance of the sensors and process control more reliable, simple and efficient. ARC View Handheld enables wireless, handheld, local monitoring of all sensors in process as well as in-lab calibration of sensors prior to installation into the process.

HAMILTON’s ARC Vital, ARC Versa, and ARC Vision systems offer an optimal solution for every use case.

Simplicity and Quality

ARC Vital

Premium quality sensors solution for applications where the PLC is in close proximity to the sensor and no local display is required.

  • Saves cost of ownership.
  • Optimizes your analog system through delivering directly from the sensor a robust signal interface.

    Products: ARC sensors (4-20mA mode) and ARC View Handheld for in lab calibration.

Multiple Connectivity

ARC Versa

Online sensor management solution for applications where the sensor is positioned far from the PLC and local reading would be enabled through a wireless connection to the ARC View Handheld.

  • Empowers you to get the most out of the combination of analog and digital technologies at your disposal.
  • Gives onsite personnel the ability to stay mobile as they monitor data directly from the sensors.

    Products: ARC sensors (4-20mA mode), ARC View Handheld, and ARC Wi Sensor Adapter.


Cutting-Edge Technology

ARC Vision

Advanced solution for new installations that are running a digital network. The ARC sensors are connected through Modbus to the PLC, and the ARC View Handheld provides onsite monitoring and calibration.

  • Provides the premium digital solution for new levels of performance.
  • Eliminates downtime, increases process safety and accuracy.

    Products: ARC sensors (digital mode), ARC View Handheld, and ARC Wi Sensor Adapter.