Innovation at Process Connections
HAMILTON manufactures more than pH sensors. Our electrochemical sensors are reliable tools for application-oriented use and are characterized by high quality, long life and competitive pricing. In order to meet these rigorous requirements we are constantly striving to find unique sensor designs. Extensive work by our research and development department enables HAMILTON to offer the following detailed solutions:


Time and cost saving mounting and maintenance, sanitary and safe in service.

With its space-saving design, excellent sterilizability and simple maintenance, the HAMILTON HYGIENIC SOCKET™ is ideally suited for installation in fermenters in the biotechnological and foodstuffs industries. The advantages are numerous for other applications with tanks or pipes for water treatment, and in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


  • Only one seal in the process: An o-ring creates a hygienic seal between sensor and process. Visual checks or replacements require only a few seconds.
  • Minimal space requirement: With a total diameter of only 28 mm, the HYGIENIC SOCKET™ is the most compact solution for professionally mounting pH sensors in steel pipes, fermenters, or other containers.
  • No finishing - grinding after welding on a 25 mm socket is eliminated.
  • Variable mounting: The depth a sensor protrudes into the process can be easily adjusted.
  • CIP, sterilization and autoclaving are problem-free with the HYGIENIC SOCKET™.
  • Personal safety: During disassembly of the sensor, two 'Life Guard' boreholes warn against an uncontrolled escape of process media.


The RETRACTEX - a pneumatic modular retractable armature with many talents.

The all-rounder RETRACTEX™:

  • Maintenance: RETRACTEX™ enables maintenance and calibration work even if the process is running.
  • Adaptable: Increases process security by various adaptations to the process.
  • Future-proof: Protects investments by the simple and modular assembly.
  • Safe: Avoids damage to the personnel, the media and the armature by various safety mechanisms.
  • Controllable: Enables a simple automatization of your measuring point.
  • Simple installation: Protects installation and application of the armature by size- and color-coded pneumatic connections. This makes it hard to connect hoses incorrectly.